Two CNNs In One

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

Global warming has propelled Earth’s climate from one of its coldest decades since the last ice age to one of its hottest — in just one century.

A heat spike like this has never happened before, at least not in the last 11,300 years, said climatologist Shaun Marcott, who worked on a new study on global temperatures going back that far.

“If any period in time had a sustained temperature change similar to what we have today, we would have certainly seen that in our record,” he said. It is a good indicator of just how fast man-made climate change has progressed.


— “Global warming is epic, long-term study says,” CNN, March 8, 2013.

CNN’s Bryony Jones is reporting from the 50th Paris Airshow. Follow her on Twitter and don’t miss CNN’s coverage of this year’s Paris Airshow at Le Bourget.

Le Bourget, France (CNN) — Emirates has been voted the world’s best airline by passengers at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards.

The awards — decided by 18.2 million passengers in 160 countries around the world — judge airlines on everything from the cleanliness of the cabin to the quality of the in-flight food and entertainment.

Dubai-based Emirates took the debut prize in 2001, and retained it in 2002, before missing out on the top spot for a decade.

Now they’re back to make it a hat-trick — and the company’s president, Tim Clark, puts their return to award-winning form down to one thing, “exteremely hard work.”

— “The world’s best airline is…,” CNN, today.

To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds, I’d be more willing to consider that global warming is a crisis, when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start to act like it’s a crisis. Filing puff pieces about who has the swankiest airline on top of a Chicken Little doomsday report that the world is coming to an end is a sign of enormous cognitive dissonance indicates that CNN isn’t taking their own apocalyptic news very seriously.


Speaking of which, has CNN followed the New York Times, the London Daily Mail, and the London Telegraph in reporting that there’s been no global warming for 15 years?



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