Who Brings Their Nine-Month Old Baby to a Seattle May Day Protest?

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Why, the couple profiled in this CNN protest of course, which begins with the most chilling words you can hear regarding in the preamble to a report on a leftwing political protest: “At the beginning, the march looked fairly peaceful…”


What could go wrong?

Although to be fair, as Jim Treacher quips, “Until we know more about the people who were arrested, I think it’s safe to assume they’re members of the Tea Party. Shame on you, teabaggers. Shame, shame, shame.”

Heh. Apparently, not only does capitalism (or what passes it for it in the Seattle area) suck, maaaan, but just try finding a sitter on a Wednesday.

On the other hand, talk about burying the lede: There’s actually a baby in Seattle. This may be the real breaking news here, considering that, as the Seattle Times reported in 2010, “Seattle also has one of the nation’s highest rates of married couples without children and one of the highest rates of people living alone.”

The Seattle Times added that the paper’s namesake city is ranked number two in the US in terms of “having the lowest concentration of children among all the major U.S. cities.” Try and guess which city is number one.


Update: “Video: Seattle May Day Chaos as it Unfolded.”

Related: Mostly peaceful self-identified “Marxist Leninist Socialist” May Day protestor brags on Twitter about punching DC police officer.



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