Sequestration-geddon Begins

“Sequestergeddon: How Are You Coping?,” Mollie Hemmingway asks at Ricochet.  Presumably, unless your initials are BHO, you’re getting along better today than the people in the above video. Funny how life goes on, even in the wake of a deadline arbitrarily created by the president to cause massive amounts of imaginary doom through pitifully nonexistent amounts of “cuts:”



Curiously, despite being promoted in 2008 as a renowned Constitutional scholar (no, really), Mr. Obama has had another of his periodic epiphanous moments today. At the Corner, Andrew Stiles catches him saying — brace yourself, please — “I Am Not a Dictator:”

“I am not a dictator,” President Obama told members of the White House press corps Friday, in response to a question about why he was unable to force congressional leaders to reach an agreement to replace sequestration — the $85 billion in automatic spending reductions scheduled to take effect at 11:59 p.m. today. “Ultimately if Mitch McConnell or John Boehner say, ‘We need to go to catch a plane,’ I can’t have Secret Service block the doorway,” the president added.

Gee, if you only had given GOP Congressional leaders eight minutes on Wednesday, instead of seven, champ.


Update: Since we began the post with a clip from Airplane II, we might as well end with another pop culture reference, this one mangled badly by The Won, who’s apparently feeling rather flustered today: “Sci-fail: Genius Obama says he ‘can’t do a Jedi mind meld.’”

Mash those memes! Perhaps our geeked out president is simply anticipating the first Star Wars sequel helmed by Star Trek movie director J.J. Abrams.


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