Now That's a Carbon Footprint!

In his latest Best of the Web column, James Taranto has a little fun with a B-List Hollywood Keystone Pipe protester:

From a Puffington Host post by Evangeline Lilly, an actress we haven’t heard of:

I boarded a jet plane this past Friday and traveled 16 hours through the night to Washington, D.C. I was back on a plane again on Monday morning flying the reverse 16 hours back home. I was in Washington with over 40,000 other protesters for the Forward on Climate Rally, to call President Obama to say “no” to the [Keystone XL] pipeline.

The journey was long and on the way there I read Tim Flannery’s Now or Never, an inspiring (short) read on the state of the planet in the face of climate change. On the way back I was too exhausted to read or do anything productive, so I watched b-movies and contemplated my experience at the largest climate rally in U.S. history.

OK, there’s one thing about this story we don’t understand. If the plane was solar powered, how did she fly at night?


Heh. According to this Website, a 747 burns approximately 3600 gallons of fuel per hour. If I’m doing the math right — and it was my understanding that there would be no math — that works out to about 115,200 of gallons that of fuel that Lilly was willing to help consume, in order to protest a pipeline that would reduce fuel costs for Americans. But then, as the Professor noted last year:

I just mentioned to a colleague that we made unusually good time on the drive because there wasn’t much traffic, and he pointed out that this is probably because gas has gotten so expensive. “I love $4 gas!” he exclaimed, because he can afford it and it keeps the roads empty. So there’s a slogan for you: The Obama Energy Policy: Clearing The Roads For Fatcats!

Somewhere, Big Oil spokesman and rock concert promoter Al Gore is sagely noting, “Sticking to the common man — now that’s how you do it, darlin’!”

But what are her thoughts on repealing the Hollywood Tax Cuts?



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