FLOTUS: Obesity 'Absolutely' Greatest Threat To National Security


That sandwich you’re about to shove down your gulliver? It’s not just that it’s racist, it’s that it’s pacifist too; the number one cause of military rejections, according to our First Lady. But first, now is the time at Ed Driscoll.com when we juxtapose, Small Dead Animals-style:


“Poll: Democrats pull even with GOP on which party is better for counterterrorism.”

— Headline at Hot Air on the results of a recent Gallup poll.

“From my perspective, the number one greatest national security threat that we have is obesity,” Oz asked the first lady in an interview broadcast Wednesday. “Do you ever think about it that way?”

“Well absolutely,” Obama replied. “Shocking information, I do a lot of work with military families, and spend a lot of time on military bases and the the number one thing that prevents young people from the ages of 17 to 24 qualifying for the military is obesity.”

The Blaze, Today.

Does Michelle Obama’s comment — and yet another reminder of VDH’s recent observation that leftwing failures invariably push the left even further into fantasyland — cancel out the recent Gallup poll? If not, America is in grave trouble. Well, worse trouble than we’re currently in.

Incidentally, the video of Michelle O ran on Dr. Oz’s site with the headline, “First Lady Michelle Obama’s Health Crusade, Pt 1.” I thought the C-word was verboten during times of Middle East conflict. Or could it be that the left’s meltdown over the previous administration’s use of the word was — heaven forfend — mere opportunism?


(Incidentally, that cool frosty bottle of Pepsi you’re about to wash your racist PB&J down with? Sure, its logo looks a lot like Obama’s, but don’t let that bit of soft drink subterfuge deceive you — it’s more deadly than terrorism itself, according to our Vice President.)



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