NATO Turned into Curtis LeMay So Slowly, I Hardly Even Noticed

As Allahpundit writes, “NATO warns Libyan rebels: If you attack civilians, we’ll bomb you too:”

If you thought “protecting civilians” was merely UN-speak for “aiding the rebels” (as many of the rebels did), think again. On the contrary, the fact that NATO believes violence against defenseless people by its putative ally is so likely that deterring it requires a formal warning backed by a threat of bombardment tells you a lot about how suspicious western leaders of our new best friends. Good thing the CIA vetting process is ongoing; hopefully we’ll find out whether they’re good guys or bad guys before they’re installed in power.

Every news report on Libya these days asks, “Who are the rebels?” The more important question: Who are the “civilians”?


Boy, the Lancet report on this is going to be amazing.

Update: Not to mention the Broadway play in which Robin Williams plays a dead Libyan Bengal tiger pounding the stage while ruminating on the horrors of war kinetic time-limited scope-limited military police action.



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