The Democrats' Fake Hate Crime

Mark Steyn compares the Democrats’ credibility meltdown last month to the smears the Duke Lacrosse team endured:

Jonah mentioned this the other day in his column, but the tireless Andrew Breitbart returns to the theme, to devastating effect.

On March 20th, something truly extraordinary happened. On the eve of the health care vote, a group of black Democrat Congressmen (eschewing the private tunnels they usually use to cross from their offices to the Capitol) chose to walk en masse through a crowd of protesters, confident that the knuckledragging Tea Party goons they and their media pals have reviled for a year now would respond with racial epithets.

And then, when the crowd didn’t, the black Congressmen made it up anyway. Representative Andre Carson (Democrat, Indiana) insisted he heard the N-word 15 times. He’s either suffering from the same condition as that Guam-flipper from Georgia, or he’s a liar. At a scene packed not only with crews from the Dem poodle media but with a gazillion cellphone cameras, not one single N-word has been caught on audio. (By contrast, see my post yesterday for how easy it is to get it on tape when real epithets are flying.)

I disagree with John Lewis (Democrat, Georgia) politically but I have always respected him as a genuine civil rights warrior. And I feel slightly queasy at the thought that he would dishonor both the movement and his own part in it for the cheapest of partisan points – in the same way I would be disgusted by a Holocaust survivor painting a swastika on his own door and blaming it on his next-door neighbor over a boundary dispute.

But that’s what the Democratic Party has been reduced to – faking hate crimes as pathetically as any lonely, mentally ill college student. Congressmen Carson, Lewis, Cleaver and the rest have turned themselves into the Congressional equivalent of the Duke University stripper. Except that they’re not some penniless loser but a group of important, influential lifetime legislators enjoying all the privileges and perquisites of power, and in all probability acting at the behest of the Democrat leadership.

Isn’t that what societies with functioning media used to call “a story”?

Apparently not. As they did at Duke, the brain-dead press went along with it — and so, predictably enough, did much of the Republican leadership.


As Jim Hoft writes,“It Was a Setup!… State-Run Media Conspired on Racist Tea Party Attack.”

Meanwhile, Iowahawk notes just how easy it is to do, exploring some of the the skeletons that the legacy media has in their own closet and quipping, “Journo-politico Violence: Deadly Threat or Menacing Trend?”

Perhaps someone in the DC area could record video similar to Mary Katharine Ham’s classic “HamNation” clip about all the things that didn’t happen at Duke:

[youtube E3F4uRoWnxQ]

Related: “Timeline: Anatomy of a Tea Party Smear by the Democrat-Media Complex.”



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