Ron Ziegler Redux

Richard Nixon’s press secretary in the fall of 1972:

I personally feel that this is shabby journalism by the Washington Post…I think this effort on the part of the post is getting to the point, really, of absurdity…

I don’t know what their motivation is. I have personal observations about what their motivation may be. You have a man who is the editor over at the Washington Post by the name of Ben Bradlee. I think anyone who would honestly want to assess what his political persuasions are would come quickly to the conclusion that he is not a supporter of Richard Nixon.

I read the other day where Mr. Bradlee was giving a speech and he said the Nixon administration is committed to our destruction — referring to the press — that this administration is committed to the destruction of the free press.

There has been nothing as long as I have been press secretary where we have ever involved ourselves in a program of the destruction of the free press. We respect the free press. I respect the free press. I don’t respect the type of shabby journalism that is being practiced by the Washington Post, and I have stated that view to you.


The Obama White House in the fall of 2009:

“ Plays Media Critic: Calls Krauthammer’s Washington Post Column ‘Wholly Inaccurate'”

But will today’s Washington Post defend the Critic-In-Chief from the Ditherer In Chief with as much ferocity as they did Woodward & Bernstein 37 years ago?


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