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Republican Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX):

At a press conference this morning with House Republican Leaders, Joint Economic Committee (JEC) Ranking Republican Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) employed a colorful metaphor in his effort to describe the vast new government bureaucracy that will be established if Speaker Pelosi’s $1.3 trillion government takeover of health care becomes law.  Video and remarks follow:

We developed this chart based on Nancy Pelosi’s new health care plan….The new chart shows more than 90 of these new mandates, commissions and agencies.   The true number is well over 100, we simply ran out of space.

In terms of sheer bureaucracy, if the IRS and Medicare had a baby, it would look like this.  And the question is how is that going to make our health care more affordable?


Meanwhile, Big Government has a video flashback to 1989, and “Rostenkowski, Health Care and the Original Town-Hall Protest”:

[youtube qre7DzEtxyc]


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