Welcome To September 10th

Driving around Philadelphia yesterday, KYW news radio (1060 AM) had two primary lead stories at the top of each half hour report around 5:00 and 6:00 PM: Donovan McNabb’s season-ending injury, and Charlie Rangel’s more-or-less annual going nowhere draft proposal. And on CNN’s Headline News right now, this seems to be the dominant story.


Normally, journalism’s silly season is in late August. But it looks like it’s full force on the weekend before Thanksgiving. And while that doesn’t speak kindly of Big Media or what it thinks its audience wants, there is a silver lining to it all, of course.

Update: Or as K-Lo puts it, “You Know It’s Thanksgiving Week When In 2006, Seinfeld’s Kramer gets a top Drudge link.”

Another Update: Tammy Bruce adds:

Rangel is using the Kerry theory about our military–it’s a bunch of poor, stupid people who have no other choice in life. He, like Kerry, simply cannot grasp the fact that you have raised children who love this country, that we have young people who join up because they care about this nation and want to serve. That notion is so foreign to the Left Elite they don’t even consider it. The first lesson to draw from this is Kerry’s attitude about our troops does indeed reflect the Dem Elite attitude in general.


Tom Maguire wrote that Kerry himself actually claimed that staying incognito after his infamous gaffe was the key to the Democrats’ victory in 2006. And certainly their keeping Rangel under wraps as much as possible until after the election was wise as well.


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