Chinese Walls Equals Able Danger

No, that’s not secret code from a 1960s spy thriller. But it does involve the FBI and the Defense Department. Ed Morrissey, Jim Geraghty and other bloggers have some thoughts on what Geraghty says could be “one of the biggest stories to come down the pike in a while”. Geraghty’s post is a great way to get up to speed quickly on the topic. He concludes:


Somebody’s lyin.

If this checks out, a lot of folks left, right and center are going to have to ask hard questions about what the heck Jamie Gorelick was doing on that Commission instead of answering questions to it. The whole, “well, both administrations were to blame, let’s move on” conventional wisdom regarding 9/11 could be shot to hell, if it turns out the U.S. military intelligence had these guys identified and located within NYC and an effort to capture them was vetoed. Over a legal argument that seems flat-out wrong. Atta wasn’t a U.S. citizen; none of these guys were.

The Sandy Berger stuffing his socks has always looked like a deliberate coverup, but now that slap on the wrist sentence he recieved looks truly outrageous. And the defense of him from President Clinton


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