This Is Somewhat Reassuring

DJ Drummond writes:

With the horror of the London bombings filling the airwaves, the Hairspray Set have been dourly reminding us how easily it could have been an American city.

Not exactly, pal.

Fox News interviewed John Cutter, who is the former head of Counter-Terror for NYPD. Cutter explained that the city, and many other major cities in the United States, have studied the terrorist paradigm in the interest of learning ways to make their attacks harder and less likely. For instance, Cutter observed that terrorists generally like to control all the variables they can visiting their intended sites of attack several times in advance, and always noting security. They want to know what they will see and can expect when they make their attack. To mess with that love of regularity therefore, Cutter and his team of advisors changed elements of the NYPD patrols and their timing. Cutter explained that if you happened to be in Herald Square right now, you might not see a single cop, but 40 minutes from now there could be more than a dozen. Awful hard to plan a hit when you can




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