Four Algerians In Bush Cabinet?!

As The Astute Blogger writes (along with that attention-grabbing headline above), no, they’re not Algerians–but they are Algeresque: they perflectly reflect Horatio Alger’s values, especially Bernard Kerik:


Beginnings do NOT get any more humble than his: he is the son of a prostitute–who abandoned him; he was then adopted by the Keriks. He grew up on the tough streets of Paterson, NJ and was a high school drop out. He became an army MP in South Korea, a prison warden in NJ–got his GED, then a New York City street-cop on the beat, and then a fearless undercover narcotics detective, and then became one of the most highly decorated cops in NYC history, then the Commisoner of Corrections in NYC, and then NYC Police Commissioner–as Bush said: the same job once held by Teddy Roosevelt.

Now that’s some background.

(Via PoliPundit.)

Meanwhile, for the definitive anti-Alger, check out this staggering passage from Michael Moore’s Dude, Where’s My Country.



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