I Guess It Depends On Your Definition Of Corruption

Harvey Weinstein, the head honcho of Mirimax, who produced Fahrenheit 9/11, is profiled in the latest New York Metro:

On this Wednesday morning, a healthy dusting of gray and brown stubble covers the lower half of Harvey Weinstein’s fleshy face. He’s been living in lower Manhattan as of late; Weinstein and his wife, Eve—who began work as his assistant in 1986—separated earlier this year.Weinstein has with him a duffel bag and a metal briefcase he’s used since his days as a rock promoter in the seventies. HALLIBURTON is stamped on the top of the briefcase, near the handle—“It reminds me of this corrupt f***ing administration, you know what I mean?”


Ironically, if he was quoted as saying that about the previous administration, he’d have the IRS knocking on his door the next day.



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