"An Exceptionally Bad Liar"

The American Spectator examines just how faulty Senator Kerry’s memory is:

With rueful admiration, former Senator and Navy Seal Bob Kerrey called the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, “an exceptionally good liar.” Unfortunately Senator John Kerry is an exceptionally bad liar. How many lies he has told and how serious they are remains a question that is now under examination. Perhaps no one really cares. These days historians, journalists and the public alike appear to value sheer celebrity more than any standard of truth.

Today’s journalists have so little experience with the military they haven’t a clue how to evaluate the charges brought by the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth about Kerry’s quest for medals. They can’t tell the difference between a bronze star and a Boy Scout merit badge, and can’t be bothered to learn. What does the press care about cowardice, deceitful conduct, and lying about a mere war record? At least Kerry has one and there is no arguing with that. But it will be very hard for Kerry to swim out of the Cambodian fiasco without getting all wet. For here Kerry was lying directly to the press itself and they know it.


After you’re done reading the Spectator piece, stop on by Hugh Hewitt, who’s been doing the sort of legwork reporters used to do (and still do, if they’re investigating a Republican). Hewitt explains why it’s very unlikely that the CIA would use a swiftboat for a mission into Cambodia–and why it’s extremely unlikely that they’d use one commanded by a guy who had only been in-country for a total of four months.


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