THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB: The New York Post and James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal agree: Rudolph Giuliani should be the US’s next ambassador to the U.N.


Taranto writes:

Not only would Giuliani be a bully-pulpiteer in the great tradition of Jeane Kirkpatrick and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, but he would bring the penetrating eye of a former prosecutor to the continuing Oil-for-Food scandal–which may well turn out to be the corrupt reason why countries like France and Russia fought so fiercely to keep Saddam Hussein’s murderous dictatorship in power in Iraq. To be sure, some of Giuliani’s critics, including our colleagues at The Wall Street Journal, are of the view that he was overzealous and unfair in prosecuting white-collar crimes. But that’s all the more reason why he’s a perfect fit for the U.N., which certainly doesn’t suffer from an excess of prosecutorial fervor.

Apart from the president himself, it’s hard to think of any more powerful spokesman and symbol for America’s war on terror than Rudy Giuliani, and not only because of his inspired mayoral leadership after Sept. 11. Giuliani took a stand against terror even when it was unpopular. In 1995 he ordered security to eject Yasser Arafat from Lincoln Center, in an era when the terror boss was being feted at the White House and lavished with Nobel Peace Prizes.

Works for me.



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