NEW IRAQI LEADERS CONFRONT THEIR FORMER DICTATOR: Devastating article in the New York Times, which quotes, among others, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, one of the members of Iraq’s Governing Council, and someone who was tortured in 1979 by Saddam’s henchmen:


Mr. Rubaie said: “One thing which is very important is that this man had with him underground when they arrested him two AK-47’s and did not shoot one bullet. I told him, `You keep on saying that you are a brave man and a proud Arab.’ I said, `When they arrested you why didn’t you shoot one bullet? You are a coward.’

“And he started to use very colorful language. Basically, he used all his French.”

Mr. Rubaie added: “I was so angry because this guy has caused so much damage. He has ruined the whole country. He has ruined 25 million people.

“And I have to confess that the last word was for me: I was the last to leave the room and I said, `May God curse you. Tell me, when are you going to be accountable to God and the day of judgment? What are you going to tell Him about Halabja and the mass graves, the Iran-Iraq war, thousands and thousands executed? What are you going to tell God?’ He was exercising his French language.”

I’ll bet the French government used some rather colorful language themselves today as well.


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