EWWWW!!!! Marvin Olasky looks at

EWWWW!!!! Marvin Olasky looks at some of the more egregious examples of media bias, and concludes, quite accurately, “that some reporters are really weird”:


Time magazine’s Joel Stein reported on July 29 his experience at a fund-raising dance party for former Attorney General Janet Reno, who was trying to become governor of Florida. He wrote, “I leave my friends behind and rush the stage to try to dance with Reno, only to find myself in a small group of men living the same fantasy.” Sorry, guys, I’ve never had that fantasy.

Me neither!!

I don’t know about Martin Sheen, though.

(Link found via the Brothers Judd, of whom it’s an extremely safe bet that they’ve never…God, I can’t even type it.)



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