As someone who has worn hats (Fedoras, Trilbies, and Panama Optimos, not baseball caps with Caterpillar Tractor logos on them) off and on for several years now, I’ve long taken the “JFK killed the hat industry” myth at its word. However, Snopes’ Urban Legends does its usual thorough job of debunking that myth.


However, who killed the morning coat? I have a feeling Kennedy was the last president to be inaugurated in one–which is too bad: it certainly looks sharp on him in Snopes’ photo.

Link found on NRO’s The Corner, where Jonah Goldberg has been riffing on haberdashery and hirsute males for the past few days, debating the merits of mullets, hats, goatees, and other forms of manly style–or lack thereof.

(Please God, don’t tell me that GQ has merged with National Review. The horror….the horror.)



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