PASTY WHITE BASTARD: Just after I posted a link to an article in National Review Online about how liberals have abandoned Israel, and conservatives have taken up its fight, do I find that Joe Sobran, a senior editor of NR for almost two decades (the ’70s and ’80s) will be speaking at what is denied to be Holocaust-denial Conference. And VodkaPundit has opened up an appropriate 64-oz ecomony size container of whoop-ass in response.


I’d love to see Jonah Goldberg or Rich Lowry (the editor of National Review Online and “National Review On Dead Tree”, respectively) address Sobran’s upcoming speech on the NRO Website.

In the meantime, here’s a Jonah column on the various strains of conservatism–and there are quite a few, just as the left is comprised of individuals who go from patriotic All-American folks who identify with FDR and JFK, to flag-burning anti-globalist loonies who’ve smoked waaaay too much McGovern, Chomsky and Tom Hayden.

Sobran has joined forces with Pat Buchanan and other paleocons, who have to jump through as many intellectual hoops as the left does to come up with positions that just skirt the edge of saying that Jews are evil, that free trade is bad, that the Holocaust either didn’t happen, or wasn’t as bad as everybody thinks it was, and that the white race is being opressed from all sides–in other words, positions that either mirror images of far-left views, or are (ironically enough) identical to them.


All I can say is, just as I’m glad OJ is no longer employed by The Buffalo Bills or NBC, I’m glad this guy isn’t working for National Review anymore.



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