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Not Surprising: Google Underpaying Men

Not Surprising: Google Underpaying Men
(Sipa via AP Images)

What is surprising is that Google actually admitted they were underpaying men and the New York Times actually reported it:

SAN FRANCISCO — When Google conducted a study recently to determine whether the company was underpaying women and members of minority groups, it found that more men than women were receiving less money for doing similar work.

The surprising conclusion to the latest version of the annual study contrasted sharply with the experience of women working in Silicon Valley and in many other industries.

In response to the finding, Google gave $9.7 million in additional compensation to 10,677 employees for this year. Men account for about 69 percent of the company’s work force, but they received a disproportionately higher percentage of the money. The exact number of men who got raises is unclear.

Naturally the article goes on to lament how it is somehow Google’s job to fix the “structural” problems in society—that women don’t become engineers as often, etc.—but the fact that Google and the Times even made mention that men were receiving less money for doing similar work was rather surprising. Thanks to Terry Brenan for emailing the article.