Is Male Birth Control on the Horizon?


I sure hope so, but apparently a number of women are “furious” that men have any reproductive options. After all, reproductive rights are just for women in their privileged minds. And if men do have any form of controlling their fertility, they have to suffer for it. A large clinical trial is taking place:


A large clinical trial launched this week will test a new, gel-based form of male birth control, Gizmodo reported Friday.

If it proves safe and effective, the gel could finally expand the very short list of contraceptive options that can be utilised by men.

“Many women cannot use hormonal contraception and male contraceptive methods are limited to vasectomy and condoms,” study investigator Diana Blithe, said in a statement from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is funding the trial.

“A safe, highly effective and reversible method of male contraception would fill an important public health need.”

The gel, applied to the back and shoulders once daily, contains a combination of a progestin compound and testosterone that is absorbed through the skin.

The progestin reduces sperm production to “low or nonexistent levels,” the NIH statement said, while the testosterone will work to maintain normal sex drive and other functions that require the hormone. The researchers plan to enroll 420 couples in the trial, the statement added.

So why are women mad about this promising birth control method? They want men to suffer pain from contraceptives so that they can feel vindicated because women’s birth control has side effects:

On social media, the news prompted strong reactions among women.

Though the gel still remains to be studied in large groups of men, many women expressed frustration, saying that a gel applied to the skin seems far more convenient than some of the birth control options currently available to women.

The pill, for example, can have side effects like nausea, headaches, and breast tenderness, and IUDs require an insertion procedure that many women find painful.


Women are angry because their birth control is not as easy, but they don’t look at the biological reality:

It is true that the burden of contraception falls largely on women, who can choose from a bevy of birth control options, including the pill, a vaginal ring, IUDs, an arm implant, injections, and more.

This comes down partly to a mathematical reality, as Business Insider previously reported: It’s harder to eliminate millions of sperm than it is to eliminate an egg or two each month.

Why are these women such sadistic haters?


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