The Twin Peaks Marriage Test

I have spent many years talking with men about their marriages, lives and how they feel about their wives. Often, men seem to accept whatever behavior the wife doles out but seethe behind the scenes or just don’t have any idea that her behavior is not the best. Most men want to protect their wife’s feelings and don’t complain about her out of loyalty or fear of being a whiner.


One sure way I have found to determine if a man is happy in his marriage is if he goes to a place like Twin Peaks for lunch or with work friends. If you don’t have a Twin Peaks, it is similar to Hooters:

Twin Peaks is so much more than your typical sports bar. This lodge welcomes every guest with World Series walk offs and barrel-aged whiskey. The second you step inside, you’re surrounded by a lodge full of friendly and attentive Twin Peaks Girls serving up scratch food and our signature 29° beers. Only here can you truly embrace the Lodge Mantality. Welcome to Twin Peaks.

Many women go to the place too; in fact, women go there alone or with other women to get lunch. It’s actually quite good and the Venison Chili and salads are excellent. That said, back to the marriage test.

Whenever I encounter a man who tells me his wife does not like him going there (to get lunch or for dinner with friends) or worse, that she will not let him go there, I figure his marriage is not a happy one for him. He may tolerate her behavior or be puzzled by it, but ultimately, if his wife is controlling where he goes and he allows it, his life is not his own.


If a man told a woman she could not go somewhere with her friends, it would be seen as a sign of abuse, but an abusive, controlling woman is now considered normal in our current anti-male climate.

It’s disturbing that many men live this way. I wonder if my Twin Peaks thesis would hold up in a dating situation. If a girlfriend doesn’t want her boyfriend going to eat at these places, is it a sign that there is trouble down the line? Or will she say “go ahead” as a girlfriend and then get angry as a wife? It’s hard to say. But it should serve as a warning if she tries to control where you go.


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