How the Government Outsourced Socialism

A protester greets fellow demonstrators after he jumped onto a moving firetruck during a May Day anti-capitalism march, Friday, May 1, 2015 in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Captain Capitalism has a post up entitled “How the Government Outsources Socialism” which is an interesting read:

One of the rare times I was listening to Barack Obama he said something I will never forget. He said that he and the democrat party were not trying to install some socialist regime where they were going to take over the means of production, but were going to redistribute the profits more charitably to make things fairer. Though I was ideologically opposed to Barack Obama, I believed him. I did not think he and the democrats were going to take over the means of production, nor did I believe they wanted to install a truly socialist state.

Add to that this video put out by a young Brit named “Burgerkrieg.” In it he makes the very nuanced, but important distinction between “socialist” countries such as Sweden and Norway vs. “SOCIALIST” countries such as Venezuela, North Korea, and the USSR. The main distinction being that the modern “socialist” European countries of Scandinavia do not have the government owning the means of production, whereas nearly every truly communist country in history did.

But in the minutiae, use, and semantics of the word “socialist” is a very important point to be made. And both Barack Obama and Burgerkrieg hit on it, albeit unconsciously. Because if you think about it you’ll soon realize that the government, consciously or not, has effectively outsourced socialism to the private sector.

And this is a very bad thing indeed.


Yes, it is a bad thing and even worse, private companies and individuals have joyfully gotten on the bandwagon to spread the socialist message across the land. They don’t do it with a trumpet or a megaphone. They do it by slowly putting forth omissions and ideas that are actually disguised socialism.

If you don’t agree with these social justice ideas, you may get kicked off Twitter. If you don’t follow along with the herd and you need to take credit card payments for your company, you may be denied. The list goes on. Even when I read my psychology newsletters, the propaganda worsens. Now, the only research provided has to do with soft socialistic ideas that lead one to think that feelings are better than thinking, that women are always right and men wrong, etc. It’s everywhere and still, there are a whopping 40% or more of us who don’t buy the agenda. Please let it grow.


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