Dr. Helen

Maybe Not to Get Married? 'The Things Men Wish They Knew Before They Got Married'

Mel Magazine has an article asking men what they wish they knew before they got married:

Every wedding season — such as, you know, RIGHT NOW — I think about how I got married young and wish someone had sat me down to tell me a few things about marriage before I took my vows. To be fair I eloped in a (yearlong) blackout, but that’s another story for another day. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

Still, as they say, knowledge is power. And so, for those who are about to walk down the aisle this summer, I reached out to the hive mind that is my Twitter following and asked men to relay the things they wished they’d known before they got married. Some had been married for decades. Others were on marriage number three. A few were newlyweds. All of them, though, said things that I should have heard before I embarked upon my brief(ish) journey into “forever after” territory.

Some of the things the female author mentioned that men said were the typical ones such as “finances can cause fights,” etc., and some of the things men wished they had known were a little more insightful such as:

Do It for the Right Reasons

And don’t ignore the red flags that it isn’t right. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself to get married, and if you find yourself doing so, you’re probably getting married for the wrong reasons. “If there’s any motive outside of a desire to build a life with the person you’re marrying guiding your decisions, you’re fucked,” says Seth. “Societal, family, pregnancy and professional motives are all bullshit. Introspection is an incredible gift that most can not grasp in their 20s, and therein lies the key.”

I wonder how many straight-forward honest responses were overlooked or not presented about what men wished they knew about marriage before tying the knot.

What would you have wanted to know?