'A Prenup is like a Gun'

There was some flack about wrestler John Cena asking his girlfriend Nikki Bella to sign a 75-page contract before the former couple moved in together in 2013:

John Cena once made Nikki Bella sign a 75-page contract before the former couple moved in together in 2013.

Before Bella could set her suitcase in Cena’s house years ago, she was handed the over-the-top contract that labeled her as a “guest” in Cena’s house. Detailed in the first season of “Total Bellas,” Bella told her twin sister Brie Bella she didn’t understand why she had to sign a contract.


Notice that Katherine Lam, the female writer of the Fox article uses the word “over-the top” to describe the contract, even though this wrestler could potentially lose his house or part of his finances if he did nothing. It sounds like self-defense rather than an over-the-top move. As the wrestler says in his own words:

Cena eventually convinced his then-girlfriend to sign the contract, explaining that the agreement was done to protect his finances so he can support his family members.

“You met my family. You think my mom paid for that house herself? She didn’t. My brother lives in that house, they’re expecting a child. My younger brother, he’s got medical problems. I make sure he’s okay. I always tell them, I’m a horrible brother, but I try to be the best provider that I can,” Cena said in 2016. “I just don’t want to ever be in a position where that’s in jeopardy.”…

In another 2016 episode, Cena compared the contract to a prenuptial agreement.

“Having been through that process, here is how I view it. It is like buying a handgun for home defense. It gives you a sense of security, and it gives you a failsafe in case something happens,” Cena said. “And those who buy a handgun for self-defense pray, pray they never have to use it. Without it, it’s a dog fight.”


Now the couple have split days before their wedding. I hope the contract stands up in court. It’s sad that their relationship is over, perhaps, but many relationships end.

Women have no right to men’s livelihood and finances just for being in a relationship with a man. This is antiquated and needs to end. Until then, a prenup or contract may be all a man has to protect himself from being forced to support a woman without his consent.


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