Dr. Helen

Why Would Any Conservative Work for a Liberal Company?

There are many opinions about the firing of Kevin Williamson from the Atlantic that take the position one way or another about whether one should fire someone for their opinions, particularly when they were hired in the first place for their opinions. As Andrew Klavan states in his recent PJM piece:

This is why there is no possible excuse for Goldberg’s puling moral cowardice. He did a genuinely bad thing and it is harmful to what remains of our national discussion. Goldberg’s not some college kid who doesn’t know any better. He’s a grown-up man in a grown-up job that people respect — and he just sent a message to the thinking people of the country that they are justified in demonizing opinions, jokes and provocations that cause them some discomfort. I mean, I can understand why the vivisectors of babies might break out in a bit of a sweat when the subject of hanging them comes up. But this is America. Screw em, if they can’t take a joke.

Tom Knighteon here at PJM had this to say:

Kevin D. Williamson left the relatively safe space of National Review for the combative liberal environs of The Atlantic. I’m not sure why he made that move, but he did. He stepped out from the right-of-center media sphere and into the lockstep mainstream sector.

It did not go well for him.

Almost immediately after his hiring was announced, the baying hounds of Leftism wanted blood. So they found a statement from Williamson suggesting that women who get abortions should be hung, as he believes the law should charge abortion as capital murder.

While I don’t agree with Williamson, that is not the point of this post. I am just always amazed at the naivety of conservatives (I include libertarians here too) who go to work with a liberal media company. Why would a a conservative do that? It always comes to a bad ending with them either being mocked and harassed or fired. For example, John Stossel spent years ensconced in liberal bias at ABCs 20/20 that must have been difficult to deal with and since then, things have gotten worse for any conservative who dares go into the lion’s den of liberals who run most of the media.

I realize that conservative companies also let people go but for a conservative, job security is much safer with a place that tolerates deviation from the liberal dogma. So why bother?