Dr. Helen

Southern Poverty Law Center is a Joke

So the Southern Poverty Law Center now says that myself and other women such as Christina Hoff Sommers are enablers of male supremacy. Our crime? Mentioning that maybe men and boys are not treated as well in society as some women, their sycophants and haters like the Southern Poverty law Center think they are.

I mean, how dare women say that the 30,000 or more men who kill themselves each year deserve some sympathy, that the majority of young boys who cannot read should receive help or that men should have due process rights! I mean what nerve we have.

I get emails and letters from men across the US and even other countries who tell me about the difficulties and downright atrocities that they are dealing with on a daily basis. These men are in desperate pain from dealing with being denied jobs, not being able to finish their degrees and being raked over the coals by exes and their whims, while not receiving anything but contempt by society, the courts and miserable, misandric places like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So a couple of women, so few in fact, that the Southern Poverty Law Center had to dig up people like myself or a few other women like Sommers, who actually think that men are human beings to use as examples. That’s just sad. There should be more women than a handful speaking out.

If I am to be labeled as a “male supremacist” because I think that male suicide deserves attention and treatment, that boys should have access to a good education free of bias, and that due process in college is a right, not a privilege, then sign me up! I just hope more fair-minded people will join me.