Dr. Helen

Positive Masculinity for Fathers

I read over at Vox Day’s Alpha Game Blog that Rollo Tomassi has a new book out entitled The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity. From the description:

Building once more on the core works of The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi, Positive Masculinity is the newest supplemental reading in the series designed to give men, not a prescription, but actionable information to build better lives for themselves based on realistic and objective intersexual dynamics between men and women. Rational and pragmatic, the book outlines four key themes: Red Pill Parenting, The Feminine Nature, Social Imperatives and Positive Masculinity. Free of the pop-psychology pablum about parenting today, Red Pill Parenting is primarily aimed at the fathers (and fathers-to-be) who wanted more in depth information about raising their sons and daughters in a Red Pill aware context. While not an instruction manual, it will give men some insight into how to develop a parenting style based on Red Pill principles as well as what they can expect their kids to encounter from a feminine-primary social order determined to ‘educate’ them. The Feminine Nature is a collection of essays, revised and curated, that specifically address the most predictable aspects of the female psyche.

It’s probably a good idea as a dad to have some perspective and understanding of what your kids will face in a female-driven society. I also like that Tomassi focuses on the positive aspects of being a man and while I have not yet read the book, I imagine that he would give good tips on how for men on how to have a better and more content life while navigating a system not in their favor.