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'Men Matter Too'

Daily Mail: India:

Around 500 'depressed' men from across the country assembled at Delhi's Jantar Mantar on Saturday.

They are demanding gender-neutral laws and a separate ministry for men.

Ninety-year-old Birma Devi is one of the people who called for a 'satyagraha for men' in the protest.

Birma, along with her grandson, joined scores of people calling for the revocation of Section 498A (related to harassment of women for dowry) of the Indian Penal Code.

Birma Devi was served with a notice on April 1 this year for allegedly beating her grandson's wife and asking for dowry.

Her grandson told Mail Today: 'My grandmother is in her 90s. At her age she is doing the rounds at the police station. My wife served us domestic violence notice after I told her to call off our marriage as it was not working for us. The law has become a revenge tool for wives to get back at husbands and their families.'

Joining forces with Birma, a retired Delhi police official also participated in the protest claiming to have been falsely implicated in a case of sexual harassment, when he was working on an assignment to nab women involved in human trafficking.

Mahender Kumar Luthra, a retired ACP alleged, 'After I busted the racket, there was a sexual harassment case filed against me by fellow female officers. Despite insufficient proof, their statements were considered to be gospel truth. My salary and pension were stopped.'