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Dude, the World's Gonna Punch You in the Face

This is the title of a new book by Kris Wilder & Lawrence Kane that I received in the mail today. Dude, The World’s Gonna Punch You in the Face: Here’s How to Make it Hurt Less looks like good advice for young (and frankly, older) men:


We only get one shot at life. And, it’s really easy to screw that up because the world wants to punch us all in the face. Hard! But, what if you knew when to duck? What if you were warned about the dangers–and possibilities–ahead of time? Here is how to man-up and take on whatever the world throws at you.

This powerful book arms young men with knowledge about:


It won’t prevent all mistakes, nothing will, but it can keep you from making the impactful ones that you’ll regret the most. This book is quick knowledge, easy to read, and brutally frank, just the way the world gives it to you, except without the pain. Read on. Learn how to see the bad things coming and avoid them. Set yourself up to be a success!

The authors have a lot of advice about marriage; for example, they tell male readers not to marry young and state that unless one is religious, there is no reason to get married nowadays. “If you think you’ve found the right person and now is the time, go ahead and get engaged, but make the engagement at least a year or more. Long engagements are great tests. They help you be sure you’re sure.”


Another chapter warns men to look for signs of a woman being a real relationship risk: “She will tell you, but you need to be able to hear.” “Stop trying to save her,” warns another chapter; and another announces that “character trumps looks.”

Good advice.

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