The Word is Spreading

Now that it’s not so unpopular to mention that men may not be getting such a great deal, there are more articles like this one by Rebecca de Winter:

I’d like to point out the hilarious irony of a movement that claims “gender is a social construct” while at the same time belittling males in particular at every turn. Just chew on that for a moment….

These quotes do not exist in a vacuum. Spend half an hour browsing feminist forums and websites and your hair will stand on end from all the spittle-flecked vitriol spewing from within these hardened hearts.

It’s a lot more than hysterical quotes, however (yeah, I went there). Some women want men to grovel.

The shaming of a male scientist on what should have been the greatest day of his life for the style of his shirt stands out as particularly painful. He was part of a team that landed a probe launched from earth onto a comet 300 million miles away, but never mind that, his shirt was offensive. He was scolded and shamed, and his public apology, in tears, made my heart ache for him.


My advice is for men to quit crying and grovelling in response to mockery and belittling by women. One place where I think Stacy McCain is correct is that men should stand proudly and not give in to people mocking them. Enjoy it and wear it as a badge of honor–or better yet, fight back against these SJWs and defeat them.


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