Dr. Helen

Do Today's Young Men Cry Too Much?

“Yes,” says the author of an article at the Daily Mail about how today’s men cry at the drop of a hat:

…according to new research, younger men are positively awash with tears. Perhaps they are simply following the cues from male celebrities who weep at the drop of a hat. From President Obama to Andy Murray and David Beckham, men seem to have forgotten the value of fortitude….
Despite 40 years of feminism, women are biologically hardwired to find the ‘right’ father for their children. And that’s why women are turning to sperm banks as they find the men they’ve moulded in their own image do not measure up….

Modern men are three times more likely to cry in public than their fathers. More surprising was the statistic that the average man has sobbed in front of other people 14 times in his adult life and that four out of ten men admitted to crying in public within the past 12 months.

It didn’t stop there: in private, modern men cry even more – sobbing up to 30 times a year with bouts lasting over two minutes. Good grief, I thought, I’ve never cried that much in my whole life!

But should we find ourselves at war again when the chips are down – when women find they don’t much fancy the idea of fighting on the front line – will these young women be able to rely on their tearful male ‘friends’ to defend them or their children?

I rather doubt it.

When women and society have spent 40 years tearing men down and telling them that masculinity is toxic while rewarding them for acting like women, what the hell does the author expect?

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