Dr. Helen

My Dumb Commie Ideas Have Killed Almost 100 Million People

(AP Photo/J. David Ake)

Wouldn’t this slogan make a great T-shirt? I thought this as I drove past a bunch of men cleaning up the road for community service wearing big orange vests stating “I am a Drunk Driver.”” Isn’t it odd who we decide to shame? A drunk driver, white male or Republican is fair game. A Democrat, woman or minority is not. Even our language is different when deciding who it is okay to shame or denigrate in the media or in life.

The media and their sycophants already shame Republicans on a regular basis. If Trump puts out an idea such as the wall between Mexico and the U.S., CNBC posts a headline stating “Mexico won’t pay a cent for Trump’s ‘stupid’ wall.” If Obama puts out an idea that many consider “stupid,” the MSM rarely put up a headline with the word “stupid” in it.

For those that the media and particular people despise, all is fair game. I was even treated to a Facebook friend who recently had a picture of a garbage dumpster as a symbol of a ballot box for Trump voters. The message is that if one is right-leaning, they are nothing but garbage. Touching.

If we are going to shame people for their beliefs or actions, shouldn’t it be an equal-opportunity game? Maybe women who falsely accuse men of rape should do community service as they wear a shirt or vest stating “I Falsely Accuse Men of Rape.” Or maybe we should make those who are socialist types who get in trouble with the law wear a shirt stating, “My Dumb Commie Ideas Have Killed Almost 100 Million People.” At least the rest of us would be warned.

What t-shirts or vests would you like to see on people announcing their intentions?