Dr. Helen

Coffee and Irregular Heart Beats

A NYT‘s article entitled “Irregular Heartbeats? Coffee May Not Be So Bad for You” discusses a study finding that coffee is not so dangerous to us heart patients afterall:

People with irregular heartbeats are often advised to give up caffeine, but a new study suggests they may not have to forgo their coffee.

Researchers had 1,388 people record their intake of coffee, tea and chocolate over a one-year period, and used Holter monitors to get 24-hour electrocardiograms.

More than 60 percent of the participants reported consuming one or more caffeine-containing foods daily. But the electrocardiograms revealed no differences in premature beats or episodes of accelerated heart rate between caffeine users and abstainers. The study is in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

“There’s no clear evidence that drinking more caffeine increases the risk for early beats,” said the senior author, Dr. Gregory M. Marcus,…

They found that coffee is linked to decreased cardiovascular problems but I sometimes wonder if people who have fewer symptoms drink more coffee because they can.