Dr. Helen

Men Harassed at Work

I often think about how many men are treated to harassment by women and how little help or resources are available to these politically incorrect harassees. Case in point, I was at the hardware store yesterday waiting for paint to be mixed and a young man who worked there stopped by to give us some tips on the paint.

His phone buzzed and as he looked down at his phone, he groaned and said, “This is like the 14th time she has texted me. It’s my ex-girlfriend. She calls my work all day and texts the rest of the time. I don’t dare answer as she cries and nothing gets done. I have to work, I can’t answer the phone.” I thought to myself, “What if the tables were turned?” What if a man was calling a woman all day at work and texting her non-stop? Everyone would say he was an abuser and she was a victim of stalking or worse.

What is a guy to do? How can he put a stop to the constant texting and crying? His only hope is that she gets bored and moves on. If he asks for advice, he is assumed to be the bad guy for breaking up with her. His role is to keep from hurting her. If a guy calls an ex-girlfriend, he is an a**hole. It’s a double standard that is outdated, frustrating and downright dangerous at times.