Dr. Helen

Would Soldiers be Instructed to Turn a Blind Eye to the Rape of Girls?

I was watching Fox News at the gym and saw this horrific story about boys being raped in Afghanistan and soldiers being told told to look the other way:

Showcasing the honor of American soldiers in what is otherwise a harrowing report issued by The New York Times, U.S. military members are facing discipline for refusing to obey orders of turning a blind eye to Afghan “allies” who are keeping young boys as sex slaves.

Bacha bazi, translated literally as “boy play,” is considered the norm among Afghan police officers in the region. The practice has even been brazenly carried out on military bases. These “allies,” Afghani militia men organized to fight the Taliban, are armed and set in charge as commanders in villages and remain unfettered in their pursuits. But because bacha bazi is a cultural staple, Marines and other American soldiers “have been instructed not to intervene,” according to the NYT…

Other soldiers have faced similar outcomes. In fact, assisting Quinn in the physical altercation meant to protect the young boy was Sgt. First Class Charles Martland. Because he also ignored orders to look the other way, the Army opened a court case to force his retirement.

Really, if these were girls, would the US government have soldiers turn the other way? And where is Michelle Obama to “bring back our boys?” Or some form of compassion from the White House for these boys being used as sex slaves right before their very noses? It’s disgusting and horrific.