Academia: The Fourth Layer of Government

Captain Capitalism: College as the Fourth Layer of Government:

However, a new and even more Orwellian fourth layer of government has formed and that is colleges or “Academia.” But whereas the power of employers come from the fact you need a job, Academia’s power comes from the fact you need a degree to even get a job! (or so they say). Ergo, entire futures of young people’s careers are literally balanced in the hands (and whims) of the unelected officials of Academia.

And who are these unelected officials?

Professors, administrators, diversity officers, and other worthless academic bureaucrats who most certainly, if not entirely, hail from the left.

This has resulted in a defacto tyrannical government forcing their own leftist, socialist, feminist, and anti-white anti-male ideology on the unfortunate and unsuspecting student-citizens of Academiaville.

No longer can “Bill” just show up, get his degree in engineering and go on to work for Boeing. No he needs “diversity training” before he can graduate.

No longer can “Amy” just show up, get her degree in accounting, and go work for Peat Marwick. No, she needs to have 20 credit hours in “Corporate Social Responsibility” before she gets her degree.



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