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Two Dating Mistakes Men Make?

Delta Man over at Alpha Game Plan blog discusses two mistakes he sees men making:

Average is 5. Repeat average is 5. Did you read that carefully? Average is 5. I have to drill this into your heads because the two mistakes I see men most commonly make in dating is 1) overrating themselves 2) going for women out of their league.

The mean height of 20-29 year olds is ~5’3” and they weigh ~157 pounds. Think about the fact that that is now average. When’s the last time you were interested in a 5’3” 160 pound woman? If you are constantly going after women with a better height to weight ratio you aren’t going after average, you are going after above average which means you have to be above average yourself to have a shot. Don’t like it? Too bad. That’s average. Think that’s too fat for you? Nobody cares about your opinion. Weren’t people thinner in the past? Yes, but it doesn’t change what they are now. Are you telling me to date fat sluts? No, but be aware that if you want better than this YOU HAVE TO BE BETTER TOO.

I have never cared much for rating systems for who people choose to date. After all, people are complex and they are more than the length of their face, how wide set their eyes are and how much they weigh. That said, if the only people one goes after are those who look a certain way–tall and thin etc., it would limit the amount of dates one could get, so maybe Delta Man’s advice stands.

Any thoughts?

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