The Fight for Male Space

The latest headlines involving the UVA case is just another example of how sorry and biased the media is in covering any issue having to do with male space. It just so happened that  Rolling Stone got caught and is now trying to backtrack. Just like in the Duke case, there are many people who say that it doesn’t matter if the facts are true or not — some (male) is going to have to pay the price. If there are males out in society or even playing video games in the privacy of their own basement, the totalitarians are there in full force to make sure that they have nowhere to hide (Gamergate makes this clear).


Brett McKay wrote a great article about male space a while back that I discussed in Men on Strike, and it is important in understanding what is happening to men who dare to create a space for themselves anywhere in the country. Here is what Mckay says about male space:

Thankfully, we’ve made progress in the area of gender equality and women have brought their influence to bear in both the home and the workplace. However, as with many other areas of modern life, the pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other; instead of creating a world that’s friendly to both male and female space, we’ve created one that benefits female space at the expense of male space.

Here is what I had to say in the book:

Now, men are discouraged and actively made fun of or denied the ability to be in all-male groups by the law and by the disapproval of certain segments of the culture. For example, look at how colleges treat fraternity guys; they are all looked at with suspicion and treated like they are one step away from gang-raping the next girl that walks by their frat house. If you don’t believe me, mention frat guys and watch the reaction of any woman over the age of about 30. Most look at them with fear and disdain and want a stop put to any fun they might be having. And as men get older, the isolation and denigration get worse…


Many guys I talk to tell me “they don’t care about politics” or that it doesn’t affect them. Bull. Politics cares about you. It affects every man walking around who desires to be left alone or who simply wants to watch a football game in peace, or attend college without the fear of being branded a perpetrator of some type.

The UVA story is just another example of how male space is being destroyed step-by-step. Same with the domestic violence focus on the NFL and Gamergate. It is a targeted agenda of women’s groups and their enablers to enter the very private world of men and control their every move. Believe it. The totalitarians running this agenda, including feminists, politicians, academics and other sycophants, will not be satisfied until the control of male activities is under their thumb and they are regulated out of existence.

The frat guys in the UVA case are lawyering up and fighting back. So are men at colleges who have had their due-process rights violated. These guys are the modern-day heroes we should all be emulating. Fight back twice as hard and don’t let the likes of Lena Dunham and other damsels in distress who use politicians and a PC mindset set the agenda. Male space is worth fighting for: to lose it is to lose your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness if male, and this should never be the American way for either gender.


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