Will My Geek Son Be a Sexist Jerk?

No, probably not, but it is good to know that the author of this story (thanks, Terry), who is about to have a boy baby, has already shown herself to be a sexist jerk:


As I’m writing this, I’m eight months pregnant with my first child—it’s a boy. Huzzah!

Funnily enough, I was convinced I was having a girl, and was mentally preparing to raise the most kick-ass, geeky girl imaginable. Her room would be vintage sci-fi, fixed with all the geeky baby gear I could get my hands on…..

A daughter would need to know how to protect herself from sexism and fight injustice. But a son does not require this protection, and his privilege allows him to ignore injustice—or think that he can ignore it. But sexism is still a threat to him, in that he could very well become a perpetrator of it.

How, I’m wondering, can I protect him?

As commenters to the article are already pointing out, Terra Clarke Olsen, the author of this piece, is already pre-judging her unborn child and has him pegged as a potential perp before he is even born — and she thinks it is girls who suffer from sexism.

Maybe this horrible woman has to make a living or something and writes terrible things about a little baby that can’t fight back and probably won’t fight back against women like this due to cultural conditioning. She ends the piece with a quote from another parent saying about his five- year-old son: “I see this age as the perfect opportunity to (for better or worse) influence his worldview. That’s my job. If he grows up to be an a**hole, that’s on me. I’ve failed him.” Wow, if he has a daughter, does he say, “Hope she doesn’t grow up to be a slut!”? I really doubt it. Is this the way to treat any five year old–to think of him as a potential a**hole just for being male?


I hope I am wrong and this author’s poor kid will see mom for the terrible man-hating person that she is, but that is unlikely to happen. Kids naturally love mom, no matter what; it must be biological.

Hopefully, this woman will at least be narcissistic enough to protect her son from the more likely cases where injustice will be brought against him by a misandric society that sees men and boys as disposable, but that might be asking too much from a woman who hates men and baby boys as much as she seems to. His start in life is to a woman who already harbors hatred of his sex. How will this affect him as he goes through life? How many thousands or millions of young boys have dealt with the same hatred or are dealing with the same psychological and cultural bias against them in this society? Probably a lot.

How much pain and angst has been brought to men and boys because of hatred and bias like this from women who dislike them? Thirty-thousand men commit suicide a year; maybe women like the author mentioned are one of the reasons boys see themselves and their sex as disposable. Why does this woman want to add fuel to the fire? What if her harboring sexism causes him to think something is wrong with him his whole life and causes depression because she is the sexist jerk?


Why not rejoice that she will be having a wonderful son who will become a man who makes his own decisions and doesn’t need to be branded a loser and a**hole just for the “crime” of being born male? I guess Terra Clarke Olsen has never heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy.


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