Dr. Helen

"...it's fair to say that the presidents and administrators of these institutions are bringing it on themselves."

KC Johnson at Minding the Campus has an article entitled “Here Come the Lawsuits over Sex Hearings: Accused Males Take on Columbia and Drew”:

Colleges and universities almost certainly face a deluge of lawsuits from accused males over the mishandling of sexual misconduct hearings. Columbia and Drew, for instance, have joined the ranks of universities sued by male students claiming that unfair processes led to disciplinary action against them.

At first blush, the Drew case involves a typical he-said-she-said situation, but in fact there were several twists. The accused student, Kevin Parisi, suggests that his accuser, Kai Boulware, had a motive to lie about the consensual nature of their one-time intercourse–to protect her relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Levy. Parisi claimed that Boulware told him that her boyfriend pressured her to make the complaint, and that she had told another acquaintance the intercourse was consensual. (The acquaintance subsequently confirmed this in a conversation with a private investigator.) The complaint also alleges that Boulware refused to cooperate with a police investigation of the case.

I hope men in these situations continue to sue, the more who do so, the more likely it is that colleges will think twice before presuming men guilty. It is only if there are consequences for administrators and presidents that things will change. As long as only male students on campus suffer, nothing will be done.