Dr. Helen

Men's Rights Conference

A Voice for Men will be holding an international Conference on Men’s Issues:

If we wanted to find a city that was an iconic testament to masculinity, we’d need look no further than Detroit. Founded by a French explorer named Cadillac, it rose up from humble beginnings in fur trade to become the city that literally changed the world; the city that imagined, designed and mass-produced one of the greatest, if not the greatest, invention of modern times: The automobile; the machine that revolutionized the lives of all Americans and indeed all of industrialized humanity….

I can think of no better or more appropriate place for men to dust themselves off and start building again. I can think of no better foundation on which men and the women who care for them can stand together and seek change.

With that it gives me great pride to announce that A Voice for Men will be hosting the First International Conference on Men’s Issues on June 27 and 28 of 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.

For the conference we have secured commitments from some of the best known and highly regarded thinkers on men’s rights and issues ever assembled in one place.

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