Dr. Helen

"Men are treated as second-class citizens by the social sciences,..."

IronShrink reviews Men on Strike:

Initially it seemed to me that the book relied too heavily on that type of anecdotal evidence. That is, until I recalled my own difficulties gathering data about men. Psychology researchers seem only marginally interested in the mental health of men, and most seem to begin with the assumption that men are predators, drunks, and abusers.

For example, there is a line of research suggesting that men become depressed when they act too much like men. Accordingly, foregoing male nature is the path to happiness.* That’s precisely the type of problem Dr. Smith has written about. Men are treated as second-class citizens by the social sciences, a state of affairs that undoubtedly steered her toward anecdotal evidence, using plenty of hard data to round out her thesis whenever possible. I can hardly blame her for that, given the relative paucity of information about the inner worlds of men.