Dr. Helen

The majority of men think women should pay their fair share on a date

Sarah Hoyt has a post discussing a NY Post article stating that a majority of men think women need to chip in on a date:

We earn as much as they do — in fact, thanks to affirmative action and the government funding more “caring” professions than projects for brawny men, many of us earn more — and we compete in the same marketplace.

We tell them over and over that we are equals or better. We’re women, hear us roar!

Are we going to be shocked that they want to treat us as equals? Or do we want to choose where we’re equals and where we’re to be treated like fragile little flowers?

According to the New York Post, two-thirds of men say women should pay their share on dates.

After nearly 50 years of feminism, men want to go Dutch.

Nearly two-thirds of them — 64 percent — believe women should pay for their share of dates, a survey has found.

And 44 percent of men said they would drop a woman who never chips in, according to the findings reported at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Manhattan.

Though the article also says that 84 percent of men said they pick up the tab on dates, it’s a good thing that 44% of them realize that it’s not fair and that a woman who does not share is probably not a good long term relationship prospect.

If male, do you pay on dates? If female, do you pay half?