Dr. Helen

"The gender disproportion among those who enforce the rules substantiates that perception."

National Association of Scholars: Gender Inequity Among the Gender Equity Enforcers:

We examined 52 institutions. All have Title IX Coordinators as mandated by law for all institutions receiving federal funding.

At 43 of them (82.7 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a woman. At 9 of the institutions (17.3 percent), the Title IX Coordinator is a man.

In 24 of the 52 institutions, we found lists of staff members beyond the Title IX Coordinator who work on Title IX issues or are listed as responsible for dealing with sexual harassment issues. In these 24 cases, 49 of the additional 67 staff (73.1 percent) are women. All our assignments are on the basis of names and sometimes photographs. Our inability to identify transgender individuals may marginally affect the accuracy of our tabulations.