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Should You Dress a Boy in Pink to Make a Political Statement?

Amy Alkon: Nitwit Mom Thinks Parenting Is About Making "A Political Stance:"

Stephanie Kaloi writes at The Good Men Project about the girly way she's been dressing her 4-year-old son:

I have spent most of my son's nearly four years on the planet scouring thrift stores and online shops for fun, colorful, and bright clothing. It's been easy to meander back and forth between boy's and girl's departments as, for the most part, a lot of the clothes could work on a boy or girl.

Granted, my son has worn his fair share of puff sleeves and rainbows, but MOST of his clothing has been boy-leaning, with a dash of glitter on a sleeve.

...My desire to dress my son in bright colors that could work for a boy or girl is half a political stance and half a frustration with how despondently boring I find most boy's clothing.