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New Year's Resolutions

I generally don't do New Year's resolutions but this year with all the political nonsense going on, I've decided on few resolutions that seem worthwhile in the coming year. First, stop getting upset by politics, it doesn't help. Action helps, a coronary doesn't. Second, quit doing any work that is hard or upsetting: what's the point?  Work and production are not valued in the new Obama economy, so why bother to do something that is hard or stressful? High productivity is laughed at, scoffed at, and basically envied or turned into class warfare -- or worse, used to subsidize those who are not.  Finally, try to meet and help those who are liberty-minded as opposed to those who are statists who believe that people who are productive are the bad guys.

Do you have resolutions this year? If so, share them if you wish!