Why Are Republicans More Despondent than Liberals were in 2004?

Allahpundit wonders why Republicans are so much more despondent than liberals were when Bush won a second term:

Saw this the other day and can’t stop thinking about it. It makes all the sense in the world that conservatives would be despondent after Obama’s re-election. But more despondent than liberals were after the Bushitler’s re-election?…

Update: An obvious possibility: It’s not just politics that’s got Republicans down. Democrats in 2004 could console themselves with the fact that the economy was doing fine and their jobs were secure. Not so now.


I actually think that part of the cause of Republican sadness and hopelessness is psychological and driven by class warfare and the media. If you look at the chart posted, you will see that Republicans feel much worse now than liberals did when Bush was re-elected about their own personal situation and about the future. The media and Obama blare the non-stop message that Republicans are no good, racist dogs and support fat cats. None of this is true, of course, but the media and Obama spin the message and Republicans get the blame for the majority of all that is wrong with America.

If you reversed this trend for the next 15-20 years and the media and President favored Republicans and blared to the public what wonderful freedom-loving, liberty seeking people Republicans were, how they were trying to save the economy etc., I bet their outlook and the public’s would be different, much more positive. The truth is that liberals, even in times of Republican power, have the media on their side so they are more protected than Republicans in general from pubic ire. Yes, Republicans probably understand more about reality and the truth about economics as they see the future as more bleak, but because they see their own personal situation as more bleak, I would say this has as much to do with their feelings about the propaganda and hate against them as it does with the economic situation.


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