Dr. Helen

Keep Bitching and Whining and Reclaim the Culture

I read with interest Roger Simon’s post at PJM telling conservatives and libertarians to quit bitching and whining about the culture:

People on the right spend a great deal of time and energy excoriating Hollywood, Broadway, and the music industry. Entertainment has become the province of the Left and is hugely biased.

True enough — but it’s been that way for some time. And with all the complaining by conservatives and libertarian-types it may even have gotten worse in recent years. Certainly, it hasn’t gotten better. Whining, it must be admitted, hasn’t helped…..

So my point is quite simple. Quit bitching and start doing.

Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are going to do what they are going to do. Conservatives and libertarians have to do the same thing — but better.

Let me tell you a little story about myself. When I was doing my dissertation for my PhD, my adviser was a woman who loved to manipulate and try to intimidate grad students. Everyone knew it, yet no one would stand up to her because they were afraid of what she would do to them and their career. She was a difficult person and everyone knew it. One day, I went to meet with her about my dissertation. She professed herself a “feminist” yet told me that I would have to do a better job than any man in our department to get through. Apparently, she was going to see to that. Without showing any emotion, I looked at her and stated in a low voice, “I will do no better job than any PhD student ever did that got out of here.” She backed down and after that, rarely gave me any trouble. Why? Because I didn’t buy into her notion that I had to be better than everyone else. I didn’t put up with her abuse and let her intimidate me.

I am asking the same of you. No, we don’t have to accept the bias and the intimidation that goes along with being on the right. Yes, keep whining and bitching and at the same time, as Mr.Simon says, do stuff that makes the culture better for us as conservatives. Don’t play into the notion that you have to be better to win. You just have to play and that means do the best you can, fight back when you see things are unfair and help your fellow conservative and libertarians to travel through this culture with as little damage as possible. Keep at it, keep fighting and don’t let others tell you that you have to be the best to be right. Just be good enough.